Victoria Crest is a Malaysian company
that specialises in the production
of high-quality Halal meat products./

    • To provide high quality Halal products to the domestic & international markets
    • To achieve high levels of certification and maintain the highest levels of best practices

    Victoria Crest strives to produce the best possible quality Halal meat products at affordable prices for the quality of the product. We believe that as a supplier, our customers have a brand to protect and we have a duty to assure them of outstanding quality.

    At Victoria Crest, we create our own original recipes at our facility in Malaysia.

    Our in-house product development department creates and develops products and flavours which are all unique in their own way. Striving for both tradition and fresh recipes, we are constantly aware of the importance of quality ingredients and the need for nutritional awareness in today’s diet. We therefore strive for reduced fat content in our recipes whilst maintaining taste and texture.

    Victoria Crest emerged from a lack of quality Halal European meat products available on the market.

    Being a group of widely travelled Malaysians, as well as Malaysian-ised foreigners, we craved for authentic, high-end, traditional and authentic western meat products in Malaysia.

    With our diverse experiences in food production, finance, business and management, Victoria Crest endeavours to provide quality Halal meat products at a fair price. We believe that discerning customers understand that they get what they pay for and appreciate a quality product.

    As we take pleasure in producing quality foods, we hope you reap the benefits of enjoying them.

    Fuad Abdullah>
    Victoria Crest

    Victoria Crest's production facility is built with the highest standards in mind.

    Being JAKIM Halal certified, the facility is a structured straight line production, thus ensuring that arriving raw materials do not cross with finished products, thereby minimising the risk of cross contamination contamination.

    The construction and specification are of the highest standards, with high grade flooring and paneling. Production is carried out in a sterile, chilled environment with constant checks on temperature and hygiene. From the selection of our suppliers, delivery of raw materials, storage, processing, packaging to the delivery of our finished product, constant checks and standards are maintained.

    Victoria Crest has obtained its HACCP, ISO 22000 and DVS (VHM) certification to reaffirm our strict management of food safety along the food chain from "farm to fork", hygiene and cleanliness of our products.

    Our facility includes blast chilling and freezing with no product entering our delivery store before passing through a stringent QC process.

    Victoria Crest is committed to ensuring that the highest levels of safety and health standards are met in the production and delivery of its products. Its design, regular staff training, systems and management will not only ensure that the quality of its products is maintained, but also that its customers can be assured that high production standards are kept.

    As part of our commitment towards providing the highest quality products and services, Victoria Crest is in the process of being certified and accredited by a number of organisations.

    We have already received our Halal, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and ISO certification, and have been approved by the Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and Moody International as well as VHM accreditation (Veterinary Health Mark) by Department Veterinary Services "DVS", MOA
    Currently we are currently seeking certification by:
    - for AVA Singapore for Approval to export to and out of Singapore.
    We will announce our updated certification list as soon as we are recognised by the relevant organisation/s.

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